SUBLIMATION ACTE I by Aristide Najean

“Sublimation – Act I” is an exhibition by Aristide Najaen at the Magazzino Gallery, Dorsoduro 878, 30123 Venezia, from May 11th to June 30th 2019 in Venice

I strongly suggest everyone to visit and discover his project. Featuring his latest sculptural paintings of biblical and mythological inspiration, his poetic compositions, as well as a reduced model of the altarpiece conceived for the Sacré Coeur parish in Lourdes and realised at scale of 1:2 with glass lining on the walls, covered with symbols and sculptures to have some effective resonance.

The exhibition at Magazzino Gallery – Act I,
will be transferred, on June 3oth, to La Cathedrale, Calle di Odoardo, 10 – Murano – Act II during Venice Glass Week from September 2019, from the 7th to the 15th.

Enjoy the exhibition!